Meet Our Team

We have an amazing and talented staff that makes up Maloney Glass & Overhead Door. We couldn’t be as successful as we are without every member of our team. The following are the employees who make up our company:

Stephanie Tipton

Office Manager

Billy Blackburn

Glass General Superintendent

Kevin Clayton

Overhead Door Estimator

Elizabeth Garrett

Contract Administrator

Jack Holland

Glass Project Manager

Jud Jernigan

Vice President

Robbie Johansen

Access Control Automatics Project Manager

Branyan Johnson

Glass Division Project Manager

John Main

Residential Overhead Door Sales

Angie Maupin

Hollow Metal Division Manager

Hunter McCullough

Glass Project Manager

Ryan Moore

Glass Estimator

Shane Newton

Hollow Metal and Hardware Estimator

Dillen Speck

Glass Assistant Project Manager

Corey Stinson

Overhead Door Manager

Chris Whitehead

Glass Estimator

Thomas Whitenton

Fabrication & Design Manager

Contact Information

Maloney Glass & Overhead Door 662-844-4540